These days everybody is trying to find news ways to make their selves look better in any way they can. Celebrities are big on having bright white teeth, so now everybody else is too. So if you are going to try something to whiten your teeth, do it with something natural. You should never put any chemicals of any kind on your teeth, this will destroy them. Too hot and too cold of drinks and foods should be avoided.

Teeth whitening is the process of whitening the color of your teeth. Teeth can loose their color with age and what you take in everyday. The intake of coffee, tea, carbonated sodas, red wines, antibiotics and smoking all with cause discoloration of your teeth. Mineral fluoride will also cause your teeth to have a yellowing effect to your teeth. A natural remedy that will help prevent all teeth problems is gargling with a cup of water and half a teaspoonful of rock salt every night.

Home remedies that are quick, easy and that are not expensive, try mixing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to form toothpaste. Brush with this mix on a regular basis, it will remove all stains on your teeth. Using bicarbonate of soda before brushing your teeth with your normal toothpaste in the morning is a good teeth whitening. I never believed it till I tried this but rubbing the bark of a walnut tree on your teeth will remove stains off of the teeth. This is one of the best cures. Brushing your teeth with hard wood ash contains a teeth whitener potassium hydroxide, so this is beneficial to your teeth. Some people believe in lemon juice because this does work but it is so acidic that it is not good for your enamel.

Some natural remedies that work awesome but you have to be careful how often you use them and you have to brush your teeth afterwards are strawberries for one. Rub the strawberry on the teeth and it will remove all of your stains and it works quickly. Using the inside of the orange peel will help with stains also. Brushing your teeth with apple cider vinegar is very effective. You just have to be careful of all of the sugars and acidic acids because these will eat the enamel off of your teeth and that could cause more damage. One of the best natural ways to clean and whiten your teeth is to eat celery. Celery will cut the plaque from in between your teeth plus whiten. It is also a healthy snack that is good for your whole body.

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