Most people have heard about teeth whitening but are not aware of all the fact about it. This keeps them from taking advantage of the benefits of whitening their teeth. Here are some facts you should know about teeth whitening.
1. Many people are not aware of the fact that there is a teeth whitening method to suit every budget. There is no reason why you should continue to feel awkward about you stained or discolored teeth any more. Teeth whitening options range from the convenient and affordable dental strips to the expensive treatments for dental whitening. With a little market research you will find a method that will fit into your budget and busy schedule.

2. If your are worried about safety the good news is that the teeth whitening methods commonly used like the peroxide based one are perfectly safe. In few a cases there may be temporary discomfort like gum irritation or sensitive teeth. The gum irritation is usually caused by an ill fitting tray rather than the whitening procedure. Moreover the discomfort if any is only temporary and you are soon relieved of them. The American Dental Association also recognizes its effectiveness and safety.

3. If you have any doubts whether it is worth the expense and trouble then you can rest assured that teeth whitening has many benefits. The most important benefit is its immediate effect on the social confidence of the person who had either stained or discolored teeth. Experience has shown that such people have benefited immensely in terms of increased self assurance and social confidence. It also greatly benefits those who believe that their unattractive smile makes them less attractive to members of the opposite sex. The little discomfort and expense are worth the open smile that you can now enjoy without being embarrassed.

4. It is a fact that some people may experience discomfort following the common teeth whitening procedure. However, it is possible to minimize the discomfort. If it is a case of sensitivity of teeth then it is best to take a break between treatments. However if still there is some sensitivity then try using toothpaste meant for sensitive teeth. If the discomfort is caused by the tray then wear it for shorter durations. Even though the procedure will take more time this way the discomfort will be reduced.

5. It is possible to get results similar to the dental office treatments at home. It has been observed that the same results are obtained whether you get your teeth whitening done by a dentist or you do it at home by using a teeth whitening kit. The difference is usually in the time it takes to get the desired results. You can get satisfactory results with one or two visits to the dentist while it usually takes a couple of weeks with a home teeth whitening kit. However the home procedure is much cheaper than the professional job.

6. Unfortunately teeth whitening does not last for ever. It is usually effective from 6 month to a year, after which you have to get another treatment if you want to maintain the whiteness of your teeth. The duration, for which it last will depend on your habits like smoking, chewing tobacco, etc. Also an expensive dental treatment at the dentist’s office will last longer than whitening with dental strips or other cheaper procedures. However to save cost many people find that home treatment with whitening kits is very cost effective because once you have the tray you will only have to buy the gel.

7. Many people think that they can keep their teeth white by brushing too hard with a hard bristled toothbrush. This is not at all effective. Rather it can cause harm to your teeth over time by eroding the teeth enamel. In fact the second layer called dentin is yellowish or brownish in color and that is not something you want.

8. The so called whitening toothpastes are hardly effective. They are contain mild abrasive and polishing agents that help in removing the surface stain only making the teeth look a shade light. They are totally ineffective against deeply stained or discolored teeth. The whitening part is mostly hype.

9. Much of the staining of teeth occurs due to some food items like soy sauce that contain coloring pigments. Many types of cherries and berries also stain the teeth. Many beverages like tea, coffee, colas, cranberry juice and many colored drinks can stain the teeth. The best way to reduce staining is to use straws for drinking staining drinks and brush your teeth soon after having them.

10. Beware of the home teeth whitening remedies recommended by others. Research them thoroughly before adopting them. The calcium in the teeth can be eaten away by using acidic items even though they are natural. One such example is the belief that rubbing your teeth with lemon juice or lemon peels will whiten them. The acid in the lemon can deteriorate the calcium in the teeth and hasten tooth decay.

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