Despite being one of the toughest parts of the body your tooth enamel can still be eroded and various types of oral diseases can set in. This can then lead to tooth decay which can eventually lead to having cavities effecting not only how you smile but also your bite. Here are some simple steps on doing your best to protect your enamel.

Firstly, what is a tooth enamel?

The tooth enamel is the first layer of protection against the various plaques that are in your mouth. It is the outside and white (for some lucky people) part of the tooth and it is also quite impressively the hardest part of the human body. When this outer layer is being worn down it loses its whiteness and you can also experience strong sensitivity in the affected teeth.

What harms your tooth enamel?

Your tooth enamel takes a lot of punishment over the course of your life, especially in modern day society where we are consuming a lot of sugar and artificial chemicals. Soft drinks in particular can really damage your teeth due to the high amount of sugar and their high acidity. Other drinks such as coffee and wine will also stain your teeth quite badly over time. You can use some of Glory Smiles teeth whitening strips or kit to help bring your teeth back to their natural whiteness.

How to protect your tooth enamel?

  1. Brush your teeth regualrly – this might seem quite obvious yet many people still go to bed without brushing their teeth. This means that your teeth can be left with a layer of sugar or other damaging ingredients over night and will slowly erode your enamel. Brush at least twice a day.
  2. Drink water – We recommend drinking water to avoid drinking sugary drinks but also water can wash away any acid that may be on your teeth also.
  3. Rinse Your mouth – After a meal if you do not wish to brush your teeth then rinse your mouth with water. As stated above this will wash away any layers of sugar or acid on your teeth.

These are a few simple steps that will help you keep a whiter smile and healthier teeth.







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