Welcome to glorysmiles.ie! We are dedicated to bringing the people of Ireland high quality affordable teeth whitening products backed up by outstanding service and quick nationwide delivery. We specialise in a range of teeth whitening kits and teeth whitening strips as well as activated charcoal products such as charcoal powder, tooth paste and charcoal teeth whitening strips. All of our products are ISO22716 and CE certified so you can rest assured that our products are not just effective but safe too.

About Our Teeth Whitening Products:

Are you looking to to whiten your teeth without breaking the bank? Then our teeth whitening strips are for you! Our teeth whitening strips are perfect for those of you who may have tooth discoloration from tea, coffee, wine or food or for even those who would just like to bring your teeth back to life. Our whitening strips will you make your teeth an average of 10 shades whiter after just 14 days. Our strips are enamel safe and easy to use so literally anyone can use them.

How our teeth whitening strips work:

Our whitening strips are small flexible pieces of plastic known as polyethylene that have a layer of whitening gel that will remove strains from your teeth as well as making them whiter.

To apply a strip you simply peel off the soft strip of plastic film. You then gently adjust and place the strip with the gel side sticking to your teeth. You can use the strips for your top or bottom teeth and the strips will stick to your teeth with gel adhesive. After 30 minutes you remove the strip and you are done! You will notice the difference after several treatments but we recommend getting 14 days of strips to get the best results.

About our teeth whitening kits:

Our glory smile teeth whitening kits are non toxic, tasteless and super easy to use. To use them you simple fill the tray with whitening gel, insert into your mouth and put on the LED light. You then let it sit for 30 minutes on your first usage and just 10 – 20 minutes there after.  We recommend using our teeth whitening kits for 14 days to get the best results.